A Time Such as This

Written by: john freeman

‘I thoroughly believe the time is near, 
even in 2012 this year, 
the need is quite clear, 
stubborn concepts will resist for sure,
to no avail, love’s precept children are dear…

as grapes of wrath and crafts,
write their very own epitaphs’ 
precept will play spiritual taps,
as precept runs circled laps
around men of olds’ illusionary gaps….
(c Jude 1:3-4 KJV)                        

when a precept son is on a roll,
wrath of conquests will take its toll,
love will stir concepts of earthen mold, 
works found wonting surely will fold,
by hands of some concept on a grassy knoll…

concepts within concepts will fold,
by illusionary hands of illusionary gold,
one Spirit holds even the hands of grassy knoll,
thinking to do their own, they are bold,
one twinkle of a star, the soul is sold…

wallow away as doth children do play
listen to what concepts of children say..
always at play, void of precept in every way
conceited scripts concepts of a play
wallow away, conniptions’ affray'