Rambling Addictions II

Written by: Johnathon Souders

Hell anything but cold turkey
that flips the clip
puts a happy haze on this well digger.
Well-what have you got?
Green nature 
flesh food 
chemical’s soft easy-
How about wish feeding jewels
dead music of heroes-
Well what have ya got?
For that brief euphoria
that enabled wave that waits present
Hole-hearted pitch, that’s tasty for the just-
gives grim to the ink- “right Jack”
I heard you Mr. Beat- write of wine 
a wine
I say not being Jack
What ya got? 
Is it to be a Artist- you must be Poe bent.
always hungry- always Raven.
"When I get drunk- I get thirsty"
“Yeah Jake spill it”
Oh sweet taken evil
hidden to all but self.