Written by: kenisha shines

    Even in darkness,if one writes with colours one can see
    the bright side of life rather than writing in black
     there is a blessing in every curse,
    only if one looks beyond the curse
                   think beyond the thoughts,go
    deeper within you will end up in a wonderful world called self.
              striving for pleasure of the world will end in exhaustion.
    Search for self & its realisation will get the world to you.
    dont look at the functioning of the outer world,rather
                Look deep inside you n dig the greatest treasures in your heart.
     God created us with utmost care.though we are diff in personalities
    but the ultimate resource is one.
                  Never to focus on the passing dark clouds rather have
    supreme faith in the real you and discard the temporary perishable.
       Nothing lasts forever only till time for which it is supposed to stay
    the only thing which stays is faith n conviction.,
                 Nothing great,bold,n beautiful has been achieved without any
    setbacks n failure n without an undying spirit to succeed.
               Past holds us so tight that should be broken by the positive of present
    n moment called new.
    Now has the power to create heaven or hell and the choice is with us,as what has to be made.