A Fresh Start

Written by: James Fraser

How does one measure the past twenty four years When smiles were so rare, drowned in many tears Amidst trials and tribulations, the kids were our cement Sadly glossing over our background with damaging intent Trust went out the window, events were never discussed Before I knew where I was, my life's in blatant mistrust For many nights awake trying to decipher my way out This I managed to achieve, now livings in with a shout Separation, preparation, as I look to my future now My flat, my music sanctuary, it's me that now allows My future road I'll walk, but I'll never walk alone For a Spanish Princess appeared, with I, she'll share my throne This beauty who's entered my life, both to have a fresh start I thank you my beautiful Lorena, from the bottom of my heart For the contest "A Fresh Start" written Sunday 11th March 2012