Delegate math

Written by: Brent Cloyd

Delegate Math

Mitt won the homeland and the state nearby
Cashed in Ohio knowing twas do or die
But he could not manage a knock out punch
So Tuesday did not ruin any body’s lunch.

Newt worked main street and picked a Georgia peach
It tasted good but to Tampa will not reach
Hopes Alabama tide will roll his way
Promises he is in the race to stay.

In Virginia Paul had Mitt to himself
Can’t put this contrarian on the shelf
He will march on in libertarian style
Take his stance in the convention aisle. 

Rick now loves the Tennessee volunteers
Surprise win in North Dakota brought cheers
Oklahoma was a star in the southwest
Cowboy boots look nice with his sweater vest.

So the party will not be over soon
It will continue till Utah in June
In meantime we will do delegate math
And seek not to spew each other with wrath.