Self-made Torture

Written by: Joshua Torres

	Riding these shark infested waters on my lonely makeshift raft in this sea of unfamiliar faces. Riding the waves of loneliness awaiting my inevitable demise by the soon to come storm that will make me a feast for the sharks. I ride patiently, hoping and wondering if any rescue will come and save me from this self-made prison of sorrows. My faith falters and doubt consumes me as sadness over shadows me. My thoughts wonder into the pitch black darkness, as dark as the soulless eyes of a rotting corpse. I am condemned to this pit of sorrows, this waiting room of disparity hoping for a ray of shining hope. I am losing sight of what was once my happiness, it slowly fades. I see a light through the heavy darkness, I muster up the strength to give one desperate cry for help. It echos further and further into the dark abyss, my hope slowly fades with each second of no response. Is this my answer to my prayers or just another sort of hopeless torture? I will just have to keep waiting and hoping to make it through the hardship,loneliness, and sorrow.