Diamond of my Eye

Written by: Joshua Torres

My heart lays in comatose as i venture out to the lifelong treasure hunt of love. Scavenging through mines and caves which darkness over shadows the darkest hour of your darkest day. Mining and digging looking for the splendor and awe striking beauty too call my own. Finding different jewels and gems that would catch my eye for a short while, only to find uncompromising flaws. Limping, bleeding rubies from past heartbreaks i make my way through the darkness of my lonely prison. I encapsulate my heart in a pit of concrete, making it ice cold as i defend it from anyone waiting to scar it once more. I search, struggling and hoping to find the only thing that can melt my heart of stone, a diamond. In my unforgiving search for love, i found you.  You sparkle and shimmer like a bright reassuring beacon of hope. You free me from my self-made prison of doubt and hopelessness . I appraise my find with a detailed eye for grade, quality, and flawlessness, only to find myself astonished at your beauty and grade. Only time will tell if you are the diamond i will have the privilege to hold and cherish for ever more, to see if my love will be yours and ending my treasure hunt for the flawless diamond of my eye.