The Cockies' Lament

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

The Cockies are in trouble, they can’t live off the land
Mortgaged out of existence with the need to expand
Hope like the land eroding, luck just giving out
Bushies fighting continually, fire, floods and drought
And so the Banks are now the terror every cockie dreads
As they climb into debt fighting their overhead
Yet here in the big cities do we even bloody care
About their rural problems, the despair the bushies share
Streuth the bloody farmers live off the fat of the land
What galahs to think sugar a great way to expand
The fat cats watch their stocks rise in world market shares
The need to make big profits about Aussie battlers who cares
Then shares dropping to the bottom and life ain’t so sweet
Everyone struggling with mortgages they now can’t meet
Of course the Aussie farmer has been down this road before
But its getting harder the Banks now shut the door
Payment after payment, to keep the dream alive
No more borrowings so how will they now survive
Friendly creditors turn nasty destroying many lives
Scrubbing floors and cleaning the lot of many wives 
Men trying to keep head above water, shattered lie the dreams
Australia where are you heading a disillusioned cockie screams
While Bankers in their ivory Towers no comfort do they lack
They the mortgage holders reap the rural lands outback
Farms, cattle and sheep stations, for generations were owned
By proud settlers and farmers those Kings are now dethroned
By prices and rising taxes, the bloody creditors and Banks
The bottom of the barrel, the battling farmers only thanks
Many facing foreclosure, they have nowhere else to go 
While others are trying desperately, a profitable seed to sow
Farms soon under the hammer to the highest bidder they're sold
Blood suckers watch what you are doing, when you sell your soul for gold.