Written by: Christopher Bunton

They control me, hold me and crush me.
Escape!  Gotta go find a new land.
Warm sun, watching me flee on the sea,
in a beat up catamaran.

Sea breeze pushes me along,
to a place I do not know.
A dolphin leaps, sleek and strong,
living free, to just be and grow.

The sunny day shifts into night.
Deep darkness, oh pain of heart!
Why did I flee?  Why do we fight?
Morning rays, a peaceful new start.

It's ahead! Green dot in sparkling blue.
I land, laying in the sand for days
alone, only God to answer to.
Not a sound but the crashing waves.

I look and see the lush palm trees,
with birds flying, singing so free,
among dark shadows hiding mysteries,
the Spirit calls me to come and see.