when faith transcends i suck at titles

Written by: John Castro

wind chimes invoke serenity upon the vessels 
of insouciant souls 

but even with every woo of the wind an 
unrequited howl echos though an empty abode 

as we dress our iniquities in a trousseau of faith 
allied to the vrigin of bliss 

we misguide and forsake the creation of beauty 
with litany as the glory of God becomes a myth 

with indirect espertion we become rabbis of 
ridicule and scholars of schemes 

we dress happiness in a tunic of terror 
and  compensate truth for dreams 

we implicate the innocent and regurgitate vanity 
to feed our own egos 

as our gestures of courtship flit on currents 
of air like carrion eagles 

the repertiore of elves and sprites falsely 
imitates the incandescent radiance from the sun 
reflecting off the moon at night 

recognize not the goodness of deeds of women and men 
for only deeds unknown will glorify God when faith transcends