Written by: Neldy Jolo

I don’t need to recognize you
I am conquered not 
I surrendered never to you
I fought till death
I cling to live for death
I enjoy dying to live 
I have nothing to owe you
I am right now to abandon you
I have my rights to do it
I am not your enemy
I am your neighbour
I am not your people
I can live alone in my home
I can never forget you
I know we are identical but not the same
So leave my home peacefully
I am not a Filipino who fought
Spanish, American and Japanese
to death!
I am Tausug!
I repeat...
Yo no soy un filipino que luchó con 
el español de América, y el japonés 
hasta la muerte!
Estoy Tausug!
A message from me

WM-KL 3:13PM