When you think love

Written by: Synthia Miner

When you think love, what do you hear?
I hear the sound of whispers in my ear.
- It starts with guys and lies,
then leads to going to get fries.
-Eventually we'll go home for a drink;
and you'll throw up in the sink.
I'll go to leave while you sleep,
I learned the hard way that you're a creep.

You expect me to call you the next day.
Do you want me to throw my life away?
I wasted a night with you;
what did you want me to do?
Luckily i got smart and left.
Before you committed a theft.
You could have ruined my life.
I was smart enough not to be your wife.

But, love comes with choices and i was wrong.
I should have stayed with you, though it would not have been long.
Unfortunately, you died shortly after, 
because you had cancer.
We were all so sad;
that you drove your self mad.