A life long gone

Written by: Allan Williams

Before smokeless zones and double glazing, 
when street lamps were powered by gas, and streets, 
were gleaming. Terraced houses, all linking, 
arms to form a line, all separated,
by an alleyway;  a place to put bins. 
Ruled by Rats, Cats, and lots dirty old men. 
Soot settled on the roofs from the endless,
line of chimney stacks, sending smoke signals, 
out across the Black Mersey. When it rained; 
washing the soot down walls forming ghostly, 
apparitions. Black slicks gathered outside. 
Families lived with families, sub let.
Shared rooms, food and lives. Kids played in the streets;
held bonfires in streets. Everyone knew, 
everyone, and everything, no secrets! 
Houses were so cold you had to get dressed, 
at bedtime, navy coat on bed. Hard times!

©  8/3/2012