Written by: Leonard Taormina

My girlfriend she tells me “would you like to try again” 
She knows there’s been a time far better then.
And I tell you people it’s just so hard to win;
And apparently something bad is wrong with my pen
           I went to the doctor and told him now doc;
            I spend all my nights up and watching the clock;
           He gave me some potions told me to rub her with lotions;
           He even measured that fish that swam in her ocean;
    He talked to my woman then gave her some pills;
    Now like a hand in a spade game the problem is nil.
    And I’m writing these rhymes while searching my mind;
    But nothing seems to come like there’s nothing to find.
             Jokes from the closet on the edges of crass;
               It’s nature suggestive like a kiss in the grass.
              So sue me I’m crazy and they say I’m depressed;
              I say it’s because I’m poor but that’s just a guess.