Sometimes I think I drink to think

Written by: john bernard

I feel curdled and hazy also mixed up inside
Feeling all mottled and crazy and gingerly fried
Just what was I doing that got me inside
It was something left brewing and left til it fried
If we bottled it up and served it to drink
The world would go crazy a little I think
To react before thought may lead you astray
I lead with my thought to avoid the dismay
Cannot bottle emotion but a spirit's a drink
That can cause a commotion or a night in the clink
I do believe in a life that will fill me with joy
And fill me with wonder like kid with a toy
Time to be quiet I'm mixing a drink
It's so dog gone noisy and harder to think
Get out of my mind these spirits I drink
So I may be sane and able to think
Sometimes I think I drink to think
That might depend on what I drink