In The Garden

Written by: Stephan McBride

One can watch for the seasons of the year
to notice the changes of the crops
and learn to prepare for each
Gaining knowledge to produce a harvest
Therefore we shall allow the Lord
To place The Garden of Life 
within thou soul
For The Lord shall plow when we seek
To break up the dirt into a fine soil
bringing comfort upon the seed
providing all the nutrients to produce
The Lord will oversee this Garden
no more worries of drought 
For there is and endless supply of water
filling the veins and overflowing 
while the word provides miracle grow
The roots spread out and dig deep
no weed kill shall harm them
no more cold winter nights
For the warmth of the morning sun 
shall always embrace and give strength
The Lord will abide in the watchtower
looking out over thou Garden
So the thief can not enter
No disguise shall fool 
For the light always shines 
no sneaking and creeping in the night
I pray, Lord use your Garden within
to produce the fruits of your Labor
that gives everlasting Life