Written by: Stephen Aniobi

Enoh Elise, wise fool,
Silly and stupid,
Drunk and tattered,
Mockery melody sung in sight,
‘Fool at forty four, fool forever’.

Addicted to liquor, smokes and snuff,
Lazy hardworking man,
Enoh, if I remember,
Days, dark men fought to buy freedom.

When men were born lions,
Your amour of glory flies,
Your might drove men to war,
Enoh you saw and conquered.

You fought like and angered lion,
Lifted above shoulders,
Enoh Elise, son of Odoni,
The mighty warrior, feared for fight.

Those days you return from war,
With skulls,
And drink from it,
You danced with the gods.
What happened to those days?
Enoh Elise your glory is gone like the old unwise Saul,
Mocked by your enemies,
Enoh, the god’s are angry with you.

Who will take us to the war?
Who will fight the warriors of Amaku?
Nor, will grass grow in your father’s land?
Ammadioha, will never give you peace.