Starry Gaze

Written by: Richard McClellan

As I gaze at the starry sky,
a reflection I see of beauty akin to Versailles,
Venus the goddess shining so bright,
love for all in this dark twilight!

Jupiter floating across the sky,
elevated space on this pretty night,
there's nothing here to dissolve,
just the freedom of space to evolve.

A star from the creator's acre,
my dust from thy maker,
thy temple being very small,
a particle in thee galactic sprawl!

Chaos defined by humanity,
devoid in vacuum and singularity,
all the while time is precariously short,
bent along space lines, there's no star port.

Clouds of gas dissolve and whisps abound,
a parsec past where Mars' redness is found,
ever present emotions set ablaze,
from the light amongst this starry gaze.