Cry Out

Written by: Sarah Jabri

Whisper clouds of the unheard cage unknown
Shall I say, lay where once told of unspoken book 
Mark thy wisdom of felt joys alone
Send me eyes, hear far cries outlook.

Oh! Tears held fear now speak 
Close thy palm; reach an open door of warm 
Know you once, shan’t twice step of sick
Can’t thy light be of wings harm?

Steal, run, and bid goodbyes, not a moment spare
Be of reason why smile and grave shall be of seen
Cross healed of wounds, say you never cared
Drag thy paths, eyes of mortal sin

Now, hear the most of never known sealed brave
Speak of must, thirst I shall crave.

>>> this is a requested poem...a friend of mine asked me to make one for her school project, and this is what I gave her <<<<