Take It All Away

Written by: Sarah Jabri

Haven't felt pain till clouds rush in
Rain of tears, a handfull couldn't bear
Blurred as it seemed, my life in a spin
Could this be the last of a memory's flare?

Mercy I asked, never knew if heard
Last of the seen, vanished in thin air
Couldn't run away, the last thing to dread
No more to hold, noone to be of light's heir

I've seen the unseen, heard every words, and felt it all
What more to ask of this chills running through
Couldn't open my eyes once more, scared to fall
But just couldn't bear of this agony so true.

My eyes are shot, my ears dont listen, my heart stop beatin'
It all stopped to this end, dark and heavy felt in the inside
And there I was, standing beneath a loud ink dripping,
"Dear Lord, take it all, wash this pain away, make it slide"