Should It

Written by: Sarah Jabri

Could I have been telling lies all the time
When needed most, the truth cost a simple dime?
Shall I ask more, could this character do me wrong
Or shall I keep silence run deep long?
Who would have thought this would fly by,
When all I knew was hi and goodbye.
Cant really accept, but this got me real into
And I but swore to Heaven's ground, play is what I do.
See it coming though, the whole scene as I say
We all know the price is sublime as we pay
I do a lot, and running in between is never to deny
I too was foolish to be living a soul of lie.
Refuse as I hate to say, this was once in me
Didn't regret a thing as a smile lives deep by the sea
You did pretty well within the puzzle as to what I see
May this all never end as you're My first to be.