Mother Dear

Written by: Sarah Jabri

To take a chance as of now I say
To where I stand on the very day of May
To lay aside the annoying wakes of day by day
To listen to your un ending words of sunshin ray
I Know I gave you a thousand cries of pain
The joy I have out of the directory's bane
You cradled my smirk of an unknown diver's main
The setting of an untold life's precious game.
Smiles urns of death I once dreamt
Changes of lanes down crystal brunt
Of someone depriving to emolient's grant
Once known radiance where ashes was burnt.
Asked to turn where eyes of brave were seen of gold
Arms of reached uphold story of the bold
Flew as to tell upon the book was never told
As I tell Mother dear, this sculpture your hands has mold.