They Say, We Say

Written by: Sarah Jabri

Children these days have no clue
What it is like watching a leaf’s morning dew
They don’t understand how it all works
They don’t get this life’s true words.
We do, you just don’t see it all
We might be young, but we don’t just fall
We learned a lot, from head to toe
We know how it works, see us tie and untie a bow.
They think they know everything, we passed it before
They think they can cheat us, they lie and hurt a core
How could today’s children do such things
How could today’s children fly without wings.
You taught us how to stand, walk and stand again
You taught us how to eat, drink, talk and smile once again
You taught us well, didn’t you Mom and Dad?
Trust your teachings upon us, as we trust you, please Mom and Dad.