A Writer's Frustration

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

Do I live in Paradise or a constant living hell
In four walls that surround me like a sentinel
Are these bars that lock away all hope of life
Or a sanctuary from rejection, life’s horrors and strife
Are my words simply nothing but an empty space
Or are they filled with gentle loving grace
Uplifting like a graceful bird upon the wing
Or just a useless nothing empty shallow thing
Do I touch in you a magical receptive cord
Or am I just a trite and rather hollow fraud
Will my words remain to always shine
Or will they fade like dying roses on a vine
The sacrifice and pain all just for naught
Oh how all writers lives are so painfully fraught
All praying to God that we will not be ignored
Creative acknowledgement our one big reward
Endless hours typing away or simple pen to pad
Trying so hard, we’re all maybe, ever so slightly mad
All for a chance to reach out and touch someone’s soul 
Probably even priesthood a so much wiser goal
Today join with me friends and these words comprehend
And you this humble writer to heaven will send.  

Thank you dear Poetry Soup Members who are so kind to read my work, I so thank you all! At present I am working on my new Musical so I do not have the time to thank you individually. Please know that I am so appreciative and you have all inspired me to move forward with great joy in my heart. I also think each and every one of you are magical and so so talented. Hugs Lizzie