Calm before the Storm'

Written by: Robert Ball

It gets balmy calm like the air takes a rest.
No breeze, calmly everything stops'.Then? A tempest.
Forces all combined wind water hail, the heavens erupt.
Smashing uprooting pounding violent stroms will be abrupt.

The nations are shaky, Kingdoms endagered mandkind bracing before the storm.
Happenings earthquakes floods famines pestilence storms in strange places, Not the norm.
Soon a calm will signal to the nations come conglomorate making deals all for naught.
The coming storm is like a storm like no other at any time in human history it's a way for God to teach His laws a way of being taught.

God Our Father already knows. Our Creator is mindful.
His truths will stand He'll get our attentiion, Because? It's Spiritually lawful.
His 10 little laws are hard for carnal greedy vain men.
They, with the evil deceiver will never see God, (The real crime) their storm? Not having access ever to God and His Kingdom.