Written by: Swairik Das

Her touch
tempts him wild
A shock of heat
bleeds him blind
The intoxicating brew
of her juices and smells
The lips conjured
An erotic flame.
His fingers exploring
Her tempting contours 
sensational rush,
their body quivers...
He see her sway
He see her move...
He see her curves
and felt her skin
silk smooth.
The flow of sensation 
sparks like an electric wire
The cold weather
seems to them like a burning fire.
The night was prolonged 
with gentle breeze 
and her breath
aerated loud
as he felt her navel
with his dewy lips...
the pleasure aroused
as she seized him with her arms
and gently she played with her fingers
On his back to inspire the charm.
She squealed 
she palliated
out of prurience and pain
when he felt her
'rose wet cave'.
They savored
they intimated
out of trust and faith
when she cajoled him
withal she gave.