Overheard - A Heavenly Conversation

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

"Well, Father, he has read the Bible 6 times.
He Worships YOU : In Songs of Rhymes.
Still now, slowly up Jacob's Ladder he climbs
He has dreamt of writing the story of Heaven's Chimes"
Every Tuesday, ( After a night of drinking Heaven's Wines )
From ten until two (Lunch included), Praise and Prayers -" Rhymes "

                         To be Cont. (maybe)

I have doubt in myself, as if I live a lie
I pretent to be a POET, I'm sure YOU see that's a lie
I have seen the Future; Yet I Live in the Past
I am old and frail, GOD has shown me"Now,the Future, the Past"
Ok, ( "Doubting Thomas" Harry ) - Should there be a Part 2, a Part 3??
Appreciate YOUR Comments LOVE ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Liege...Harry