Written by: elizabeth wesley

We walk in the rays of soft sunshine
That glow in the arms of love;
And never appreciate the blessings
God showers on us from above.
For I am feeling as I count them 
That we have more than we need;
And all we don't have are the angels
To bring heaven to earth indeed.

The winter brings long fire lit twilights
The spring brings a season of flowers
Summer brings all a sweet harvest
While fall brings the scent of sad hours.
The woods are alive with birdsong
A moon paints the waves of the sea;
The meadows are scented with clover
And all earth is as good as can be.

But people are full of such protest
Discontent is always their sad lot;
They forget so much has been given
And go whining for all they have not.
Instead of the light in the heavens
That shines on our day and our nights;
They look at the dirt on their feet
And forget all the earth’s delights.
They drink the wine that is sour
And never taste that which is sweet.
They moan for the thorn on the rose
Not heeding its scent so replete.

They don’t look at the garden of bloom
Precious blessings there without number;
They weep for what lies in the tomb.
Who lie in the arms of death’s slumber.
The error is ours to confess
They can’t find the way to go;
They close their eyes while the heart denies
That Eden is not theirs to know.