Family Way

Written by: Gwen Benita Mason Gibbs

The special people in my life, there with me through struggles and strife A shoulder to cry on when I'm sad, a hand to scold me when I'm bad Teaching me right from wrong, telling me to stand up and be strong and sharing in my happy day, in the Family Way. Taking care of each other, loving thy sister and brother Sharing our joys and sorrows, hoping for better tomorrows Kneeling together to pray, in the Family Way. We've been through so much together but yet we have survived We've had our share of arguments and fights but yet we are alive Through it all we've stuck together through thick and thin and no matter what happens come what may, we'll be together in the Family Way. You believed in me and I trusted in you through and through We're one together on earth to stay, in the Family Way We'll share our love with other kin and show them what they have been missing Gonna live our lives from day to day in the Family Way.