Under Saltire Skies

Written by: James Fraser

I recall the very day, in every male teenagers wish It's to lie with one's first love and entering loves bliss Well for me it was so beautiful, below Saltire blue skies We lay in a field of Barley, looking into each others eyes To the heavens we looked for guidance, but it was there all the time It's the feeling of sensual adventure, two hearts in wanting find Counting her buttons I remember, whilst my heart beats so fast Seeing her heavenly beauties, left this Highlander in gasp It's when she teased me in it's removal, her breasts now fancy free Gravity in young never spoke, it simply mesmerised me My hands in hers now taken, her denim shorts now slide Down bronzed Summer skin, simply captures my eyes Her body excited, so pert, there's a hunger in wanting desire The craving to join as one, under Saltire skies in perspire Hands become clenched tight, with a promise of released in flow How wonderful it is, to be united where nature grows I recall this very day, in every male teenagers heart The excitement that delivers us, where many a lifetime starts http://www.thehighlanderspoems.com/love-20.php