Ethan Allen

Written by: Joe Maverick

Now 1738 there was born a man... 
'name of Ethan Allen; his craw full'a sand,

Faced up to the guvenor of N Y, State..)
The green mountain boys would be part of his fate,

He took fort Ticonderoga as the hour grew late
This man of destiny; standing up to the plate,

As demands of imperial power hit nerves rubbed raw
Self-determination the watchword by tower and shore,

This flame a'burning makes its seat in their hearts
People "taxed over wars" wishing now to part,

The rest is history "how they made their stand..
Forced into conflict that led to freedom unplanned..!

A maverick Man
Tweaked by abbreviation and footnote
Copyright Joe Maverick 2012 

In support of Cyndi MacMillans "Mavericks contest"