This woman's work

Written by: Andrew Vassell

The unfinished work by the mother 
of our earth is never done. The natural 
fundamentals of our life's she holds dear, 
her strength demonstrate her energy to 
love and the need to be loved but yet we 
fail her. She stays true to loving, caring 
and in most cases she's forever giving 
but not always receiving the purity of his 
love. She'll forever be the reproduction 
source of a little you and me, prime 
ministers or even thiefs yet again we 
fail to support her needs or help to 
nurture the creation of them little beings. 
She upholds the strength of her home, 
he emotional aspect of her household 
and she's always been the backbone 
to her man's throne, often sacrificing 
her own. We misuse and abuse her, 
mentally and physically violate and 
hate her like senseless fools, forgetting 
the values and the beauties of her.