turning Curve

Written by: Dawn mclaughlin

Hours tick time drifts
 blue moon shines above half smile
stars blinking sparkles white diamond beams. 

Cotton wall clouds 
forming shapes 
as they float 
merging together 
calling the wind humming along 
misty night air 
breathing inhaling every image.
 wandering alone each step so slow

 many paths my feet followed 
a sense i walked these 
roads long before

 never a fear of looking back 
forgetting smile start to live.
A journey tricky sometimes rocky 
soaking learning holding it in 
aiming for heights with courage and pride 
always a challenge still i try.
a feeling deep within 
my mind invaded with thought ahead 
in my heart i forgive 
emerald lanes darken in the night 
midnight shivers kissing a breeze 
a silence overwhelming eerie 
is this the turning curve of life.