The Sparrow

Written by: Mohammad Yamin

I sit on this branch of the cypress tree
Engulfed in memories of gone-bye days
Placing my deserted nest in front of me
World moves on but a monument stays

I selected the safest branch of the cypress
Expertly using my beak, wings and claw
Picked stalks from plants like jasmine and roses
Using strings from the paddy’s straw

With the fragrant rose petals the bed was made
With love and care and undying desires
The impeccable decor, the light and shade
Its finishing, its beauty every bird admires

Enchanting sounds of the eggshell’s pricks
Breaking one after the other the canopies
And peeped my adorable progeny chicks
Fed them live worms to satisfy and appease

Protected them from evil eyes of lustful hawks
The quilt of my stretched feather served them when cold
Guarded them from winds and lightning's shocks
My lullabies and narration of stories untold

The nest was filled with the cry of joy
Dark nights came with the bright lamp of moon
The sun sent its shine with a message to ‘enjoy’
The butterflies danced on a ravishing tune

The juveniles were given such love and care
A day came when they took to wings to fly
With boldness and self esteem that eagles dare
Making the nest desolate and lonely under sky

My castle of love is blown and so my dreams 
The apathy makes my drained out eyes to cry 
O cypress trees and roses, my soul screams 
My progeny to turn and say, ‘Mama Good-bye’