Doctor Jeckyll Died No One Cried

Written by: Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Or just a rumored hypocrite inside…
He went to church and paid a tithe.
But that was just part of his very good side.
Who would have thought that a man like him,
A man of considerable standing,
Would make his own children his sexual toys.
Not just the girls, but also his boys.
They all grew up with mental pain
Two of his boys committed suicide.
How did he do it?
Why did no one tell?
Why did they live that horrible hell?
Emotions and heartaches followed.
The degradations most never knew.
Was he a perverted hypocrite?
Or a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Shifted to his horrible side.
Thank God, he finally died…
No one cried.
Do tell, if it happens to you!

© March 3, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde 
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