They met in a neighborhood bar
He said he did not live very far
So handsome and so very polite
They spent hours talking tonight
Said he'd been alone for a while
She thought, what a great smile
Later she left with him willingly
The time was half past three
Entering his door, she felt a chill
To late for now, he is set for the kill
He tied her down on a huge bed
Panic now runs through her head
A sadistic smile is upon his face
She will be gone without a trace
My God, is that a razor in his hand
And he is wearing a wedding band
She did not see the ring before
His first cut he calls her Whore
In his eyes he see's his wife once more
Her cheating heart he must erase
Each time he kills he see's her face
So he kills her again and again
Tonight his killings rise to ten
Later he will sit and sharpen his knife
In his insanity you were his wife.