Tiger Fierce

Written by: passion williams

You can pin me down and take everything from me.
Thinking you really do something but it'll make me come back stronger.
Say some things thati'll have you cry,frightened,or have a heart attack.
Take my family,friends, and other things i love that are important to me.
Ill show you how weak i can be.
Don't stir up the gemini that lies inside.

I've done many things
I've said many things
I've seen many things
I've felt many things
Things that made me want to die
Although my craziness hasn't begin to subside.

I was born to a soldier, from her i became a soldier.
Watched her knock down brick wall and break out steel cages.
Saw her fall when there was no hope.
Got back up when we called.
Fierce as a snake as loving as any great mother can be.
From her I learned even when everything is on you
use what you got, don't depend on anyone else.