the search inside

Written by: Germaine Pasley

When life is spinning out side your mind, 
and you find your self soul searching for the truth inside.
Look on ahead to the left, right, a little behind, 
Then get ready to embrace the change or just let it ride.

For the day may come when you let your guards down,
And the pain in your heart is all that's to be found.
Your soul will feel like but a whisper in the wind,
With this one chance for you to start over again.

Then you will be ready to listen with your heart far within,
Wanting with a deep feeling to be free, you will be able to begin.
Take a deep breath of fresh mental air, And exhale your troubles away.
Open your mind and listen with care, to what your heart has to say...

Love an peace are the beautiful things that come from within thee,
Share them with the world and all that should see.

With every moment that passes by, 
Give yourself a chance to embrace not deny,
All the world has to offer you As you let your spirit fly.

**Another beautiful collab with Dan Kearley**