the world around me

Written by: krystel andrew

The world around me

As I sit here and look around the world so wide, I realize that everyone around me are just like me in many ways, there are those with many secrets to hide, and others who live just for each day. 

A toddler on his high chair eating a piece of bun given to him while looking at the faces of those around him, I often wonder what’s in the minds of these innocent ones, do they ever worry or fret about anything, or are they living in a world where food and fun are all that count.

Yet another man on the other side of the room is totally absorbed with the flat screen with pictures and words on it, the worried look on his face, why? Is something so wrong that it can’t be solve, or is that just how we’ve become as all we know is how to breathe a heavy sigh?

The world around me is so beautiful, filled with the smiles and laughter of those in it, yet deep inside them, are they really happy? Or are they just feeling crappy? I guess I would rather be those who show what they really are inside and deep down in me, I feel a sense of satisfaction. I sure hope the world around me feels the same way too…