What's Good

Written by: Gwen Benita Mason Gibbs

Life is good if you make it that way, seeking out the sunshine through skies of grey, keeping a positive attitude on a regular day to day, never letting the blues make your joy fade away.

knowing and believing that you can do what you set out to, pressing forward and continually striving until you see it through, strengthening your mind and soul so that on track you will stay, kneeling down each day and night and thanking God as you pray.

Learning from the lessons that life has taught you, always keeping it real and to yourself be true, being yourself not letting people change who you are, believing in yourself and being the best you by far.

Keep a level head and remember the things that momma said,  always be open to new things and allow yourself to be fed, remember to always keep an attainable goal before you so that you will always have something to look forward to.

What's good today is whatever you choose to make it, Life, love, health and happiness could all be yours if you take it, be kind, compassionate and caring to one another be it stranger, friend, mother, father sister or brother.

Just know in your heart that at the end of the day you are able to say, I did everything in my ability to make a difference today.