Written by: Vee Bdosa

Monsieur L'Vampyre - FONTAINE DE JEUNESS
     MONSIEUR L'VAMPYRE - fountain of youth
Into the night, committed to my way,
in sheer delight, and freed from light of day,
I bring no ray of hope for you
if tears are what you're coming to,
and if you're hoping love will ever stay.

I bring the passion! Love that's made from heat
and only physical, but never indiscreet,
if you'll allow my teeth to set 
onto your neck, you'll not forget
acknowledging your life's been incomplete.

When it's all said and done, I'll leave you cold
but never will I leave you growing old,
and what's come from my loving bite
has brought the end, to your delight,
of all the death to which your soul's been sold.