Sea of Green

Written by: gautami phookan

Green  rivulets  streaming  down,
Down  the  window  pane.
Here  it  rains  green.
The softly pouring murmurs,
It lulls one to sleep;
They  take  me  to  the  forests  deep.
Where  moss hangs from  the branches  low,
A  thick cloak  for  the  winter  leaves
And  the  paint,  it  idly  drips
From  the  heart  of  the  looming  trees.
The  world  is  gilded  in  this  shade,
Sheltered  in  this  sea  of  jade.

The  tiny  elfish  creatures,
Donning  their  pointed  features,
Come  out  at  dusk,
Gamboling  in  the  wreathed  silver
Of   the  haunted  glades.
In  their  costumes  green.
They  jump  into  the  stream,
Where  the  lanky  frog,  he  leans,
Among  the  rushes  and  the  reeds,
Croons  his  musical  gurgle  to  the  sky.
With  them  pirouettes  the  dragon  fly.

In  air  lingers  a  watered  veil,
The  clouds  drift   in   their  silken  sail;
Where  a  heart  pining  in  his  breast,
A  wayfarer,  he  gently  treads,
Fading  into  this  sea  of  green.

For Giorgio Venetto's contest : "Beloved Poem"

*May try to write poems of literary genius, but my beloved would be these
which have pixies, elves and frogs. Whenever I get an opportunity I escape into their world.... I still read fairy tales with the same zeal, as you would see in a child.


For Russel Sivey's contest "The Colors Have It"