Eternal Search My Phoenix Quest

Written by: Andy Sprouse

I'm over the depression, the death
of that fragment of soul irrevocably attached to her;
I'm over the agony that followed
her swift and final betrayal.

The pain disappears, fades in the face
of life's timeless worries and delights;
that part of her life, of mine, of ours,
is long since gone, vanished with the wind's whisper.

But, alas, I can't be over love,
and now I must search again, for my completion;
she was the purpose, the answer, my reward -
now once more, my quest is reborn.

Hearken to me!
Hear my call, sweet lover,
and be borne on the swiftest hawk's wings
straight to my side.

Alleviate my burden, I beg of you,
and no longer shall you worry;
no fear, no harm, no despair will ever reach you
so long as I remain yours.

Forever for you I seek,
across the width and breadth of this great earth,
through ocean, abyss, or hell;
for you, my love, I still search.