The Ringleader

Written by: Ken Wallace

Ladies and gentleman
Come in come all, take a seat
Relax take a load off 
And enjoy the show
Be happy, be merry for you all are
The guests, my guests
The audience to the greatest show on earth
We have a mystical show for you all tonight
Dazzling lights will send your mind in a scurry for reality
Freaks that will frighten your soul, but I dare you to look away
Exotic animals that are bred to entertain even the closest of minded
Why am I wearing this mask? You might be asking yourself
Are you feeling a little dizzy? Are your eyes a little watery?
It’s called mustard gas, used in World War 1
And you all are breathing it in, oh this truly is the greatest of all shows
Go ahead and run, you have no place to go. 
And for your final performance, I will rise to the rafters 
And watch you all die
I am your ringleader, goodnight!