Siren's Song

Written by: Chrysanthemum Flower

Shhhhhhhhhhhh…… Husssshhhhhh
Waves sidle up to the beach 
in simple companionship
the gritty sand 
creeps into every crevice of my toes 
reflecting off the blue waters 
the full moon and stars 
fill up what otherwise
would be a hole,
miles and miles of darkness
what a miracle 
I think smiling the sweet smile 
one wears when content.
Then a low, keening sound joins the salt in the air
the hair on my arms 
raises eerily 
right on pitch with the awful noise
and a tremor runs through my body
it’s a dream 
a dream
a dream
I whisper desperately
but the piteous pleading 
continues to tear 
through the night’s mirage of serenity 
it calls as if it’s being ripped apart and I can’t breathe.
my heart shrieks in terror and pity
noisily I trip through the shallows 
heaving for breath. 
It’s a dream
but I feel the drenched gown 
clinging to my skin
and the traitorous idea to help whatever it is 
bouncing around in my mind
In a split second my world dissolves 
water encompasses me on every side 
the leering faces of horrible creatures 
with big,
black eyes and little, jagged teeth
pop out at me 
as their nails dig into my flesh 
dragging me down deeper into dark water
It’s a dream
But I hear the moaning breaking off 
and transforming into watery giggles 
the silence of the entire ocean 
slamming into my ears