Written by: Chile D'rhymez

When mum announced your 
I din't know what to expect
But when i held you
Your smile so warm 
Touched my heart so cold
One i've missed a thousand years
I stood in owe
When you took a piece of my heart
Buried beneath my chest
And examined my motives
Then you spoke out in spiting sounds
The look in your eyes 
Left me breathless
I drift in empty space  
All through your stay
I never stopped laughing 
Not for a second

Today you're gone
This new year 
I'm here trying real hard
Finding my heart
I don't know 
Where you buried it
But i know it lies with you
In your smile so warm
I'm here
You're there
But someday 
We'll all be here again
Yea! here 
All in one piece
To share a smile so warm