The Lost Dance


There was a time when man was the genus A time when the sound of children playing was the pride of our heritage We used to laugh at each other’s jokes Cry when we see our fellows suffering We mourned for those we lost and celebrate those we found We were proud of our sanity and dignity was our staff We would start the morning with smiles and end the day with laughter Man was at peace with man, the music of the forest We watched out for breakers and united against our adversaries Our unity was our strength We were the pride of the earth Together we sang with the trees and sat on the wind We loved, we cheered, we hoped, we gave It was our heritage What has happened to the thread stone? How quickly we have slumbered Reduced to factions and poisoned by lies The young are fading away and the grayed are swayed The children hide in their mothers’ huts The laughter is gone and the giggling is nervous We’ve become earth’s disgrace A garment to hide If only the drumming never stopped O! If only.