My Man

Written by: joshna braganza

Deep in the depts of my heart
I longed for someone.
Who could it be?
No! Not just anyone!
Could it be he who had pots of gold?
Or  he who had his pockets holed?
Would it be he who would grumble and glee?
When things ought not, the way it should be.

But, Yes; It had to be he,
Who in the midst of situations
Clung on close to me.
Who held me high
When things went low,
Who made me smile
When I felt withdrawn.

If ever you have dreamt of such a man,
And in reality he does not exist
Hold on to God;
Pray ceaselessly, to Him,
Who makes all pairs
Coz' He will never let you down in times of need.

That's how,
I met and married the Man
He made for me.