Written by: Patrick Cornwall

Love is a like a long weekend

Sleeps in and phone  muted

No one else is important but themselves

Window shopping on a Saturday

Drinking wine during an evening meal

Her eyes

And those eyes dark as a piece of coal

And as I work and Bee come

Sunlight turns them into honey

Eyes that see my different point of view

And they look at me with undeserved love

Those lips

And those lips that words of love come

Lips that desire to be kissed and sweetly

And love to be dressed in colors

That wait for me with kindness

Patiently smiling at my uncomfortableness

But Life Weakend

And so the pressure mounts as does Himself

Weakend by gravity the sags come

Their bodies get weak but their love survives

But not a day,week or moment goes by that isn't filled with love

But the weak inherit the world in the end


Just playing on the words...for fun