The Tale of the Easter Bunny

Written by: Joyce Johnson

When I was small, on Easter Eve,
We set out hats, eggs to receive.
I really thought it very funny,
That they were brought by the Easter Bunny. 
When I was just a little older
And was perhaps quite a bit bolder,
I dared to ask my four big brothers,
My dad and mom and many others,
When the bunny hopped on his hippity hop legs,
How did he keep from dropping eggs?

My brothers were the first to tell me,
He’s not just an ordinary bunny.
Though it is known by very few,
This bunny is a hopping kangaroo.
She carries the eggs in a big pocket
That she can zipper, even lock it.
She lays the eggs but her kids won’t taste them
And since she doesn’t want to waste them,
She colors them to make them pretty
Then hops to every home and city
To leave in each kid’s hat or basket.
We’ve answered your question. Glad you asked it.